IM Exercise Adaptations for Training Tennis Players Self-Study

Course Description:

During this course we will explore the importance of focus, concentration, rhythm and timing, coordination, balance, motor planning and sequencing and decision making; skills that are vital in any sporting performance, but focusing primarily on the physical and mental demands of tennis players. IM training has the potential to fill the gap that currently exists between unique sporting skills such as these, identified as necessary for peak performance, but not yet filled in regular sports training programs.

An important aspect of combining IM training with regular sports programs, is identifying the unique requirements of the individual athlete’s performance through observation and analysis , then applying this knowledge to formulate a program specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. Previous research and documentation using the IM in sport, has focused primarily on a “one size fits all” type of program. Standard 12 exercise programs for any sport. During this presentation, I will take IM training a step further by changing and expanding existing IM exercises in to sport specific, challenging exercises that meet the individual demands of tennis players, identified though the observation and analysis process.

To personalize IM programs for athlete’s it is important to identify and analyse the physical, mental and environmental factors sporting athletes encounter, and then the applications involved to plan a creative sport specific IM program, that both simulates and challenges various athlete components discovered during the observation period. >p>I will take you through a step by step example of how observation and analysis of a tennis player’s game, combined with creative brainstorming and adaption of IM exercises, can produce a personalized, challenging sport specific IM program for tennis players that address the multiple demands that are present for athlete’s to perform tennis an elite level.

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  • Licensed Medical, Rehabilitation or Mental Health Professional
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