Backtracking golf shot outcome measures: investigating golf swing performance measures to gain a better understanding of the effects of IM-training. - Self-Study

Course Description:

The effects of IM-training on golf performance have – so far - only been evaluated by examining the outcome of the golf shot. No studies have yet investigated the effect of IM-, or any other type of timing-training, on the kinematic characteristics of the golf swing performance. This webinar has its starting-point from a published scientific paper that examines the effects of IM-training on the above mentioned kinematic characteristics. The webinar further aims to explain what variables of golf swing performance/execution that the IM-training affected. More specifically, we will delineate whether IM-training influences the timing and rhythm variables, or the co-ordination and synergy of the golf swing performance. Moreover, we will discuss possible ways of interpreting motor performances, as well as highlighting theories within the motor-timing domain that may give us a better hunch about how timing and motor control relates. In short, the webinar focuses on the influence of IM-training on the kinematic properties of golf-swing performance, the methods used to assess possible changes in golf swing performance, and the theories that best explain our findings.

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